A bit about Isabel Jade xo

I absolutely love my job, love the empire I am building :) Most importantly I love my body and mind. If I wanted to be miserable at a 9-5 then that's what I would be doing, but I love being a SW. 

I am Classy and discrete. My conviviality is unmatched. I will be exactly what you need when you need it! I am not in the business to make friends nor enemies. I am here for genuine in-the-moment connections and experiences. A business woman through and through, my IOP is very powerful so please do not mistake my work for your emotional shortcomings. 

Other etiquette to keep in mind...

Text messages that I will NOT respond to



     *You up?

     *You avail?


I will not text earlier than 8am or later than 11pm 

Please initiate with a message that is no less than 3 sentences. A nice informative intro message will get you an almost immediate response

I don't answer phone calls. Txt/email/p411 messages only 

I won't stroke your ego. Confidence is sexy. kill the ego xo

If we have not had an appointment I will not send any pics/videos unless other arrangements are made

Please do...

Care about your body and mind

Keep good hygiene 

Spoil me with gifts and experiences

Subscribe to my website

Use our time as an illuminating fantasy time

Request outfits genres and/or a color

Use complete discretion 

Initially contact with an appropriate                     PM/text or email 

Text and email only, this receives the                     fastest response 

Inquire about role play and other fun options

Bring red wine/champagne/chocolates :)

Please do not...

Ask me to "hang out" outside of work

Haggle my donation rate

Smoke cigarettes around me

Come to an ON appointment without an Over Night bag...

Excessively text

Ask for photos or video refer to my website for that please

Create any level of drama

Try to inquire about other providers/hobbyist 

Use any kind of racial slur around me

Ask "personal" questions

Be an asshole <3

Try to "save me"

Show up early/late (grrrr)

Call, I most certainly will not answer

Mmm the things I really like...

Daisys ~ Sunflowers ~ Lilys ~ Trilliums 

Fragrances of choice ~ Chanel Chance (green one:)) ~ Burberry Black 

Thai and Mediterranean food 

Dogs!!! (animals in general)


Hiking/Any activity on the water 

MaryJane ~ Red Wine ~ Gin

Decent people

Anything exotic or culturally diverse 

Horticulture <3

Work-ethic ~ Very very sexy

Music festivals


Reading/TV/Old movies

Constant states of learning

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